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  • C. Morgan Kennedy

My Latest ‘Can’t Put It Down’ Read

I read a lot. No really, A LOT. There are books that I slowly savor and books that I simply cannot finish. Every so often I come across a book that I can’t put down. Rarer still is the book that I immediately start rereading as soon as I reach ’the end.’

I’m in the middle of my second read of ‘The Black God’s Drums’ by P. Djèlí Clark. Seriously y’all, don‘t let the size of this book fool you. It is potent yummy fantasy bon-bon of a book. Clark is a masterful world builder who paints a clear alternative history without long diatribes of backstory. He is equally skilled at building tension and invoking emotion. You will cheer for the heroine from page one.

I hate it when reviews summarize and retell every twist and turn of a story. (You’ll find none of that nonsense here.) Just know that I am hoping to see more stories by Mr. Clark and I hope hope hope to see more stories written about this world!

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